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Exact Fit Compression Pads

November 10, 2015 3 min read

Exact Fit Compression Pads

Introducing the newest pad technology from Americana Global Inc. The Exact Fit Compression Pads were designed around the newest technology in machine polishing. A large throw machine such as the Rupes 21 and 15 mm. While we all have learned that machine advancement has become quite popular over the last few years. Many professionals and weekend warriors are now finding the compliments in such refined machine polishing today due to technology changes in dual action polishers. While the long throw dual action polishers make paint polishing a whole lot easier, they have become a detailer’s worst nightmare for pads. The amount of center heat buildup has been disintegrating pads from the inside out causing a foams cell structure to flatten and no longer have the proper structure to finish the task. Here in the picture below you can see a prime example of this.

When comparing the photos in the below picture you can see how the heat has affected both pads, but the pad on the left has taken further abuse from the polishing efforts being done. The heat has literally melted the foam and the backing material used.

In order to prevent this we at Americana Global Inc. took the task of incorporating a perfect designed hole structure to allow heat to disperse evenly and allow the pad to run at cooler temperatures and still provide maximum cutting and finishing abilities over a longer period of time. You can see how everything lines up to an exact match. In the below photo. Take notice the larger 6 inch pad has more holes to allow even more heat to escape.

Ideally this simple hole design has allowed us to create a pad that will aide in proper heat distribution while at the same time allow and compound or polish dust to escape quicker and faster from between the pad and paint. This will also allow for less micro marring from paint residue being removed from the polishing surface.

Next when we look at the pads compression you will notice on the same pads as pressure is applied, it causes the backing plate to dig into the extra side material. Between the random orbit movement, pressure and heat this will again cause the pads to disintegrate from the outside in. In the below photo you can see the pad compression, the long term effects are followed in the next two pictures following. The orange pad shows the beginning stages and the black pad shows how it will look after continued use.

In order to correct the outside pad digging from compression, we took the design further. Essentially coming out with what we call the exact fit. In the below photo take notice how the pad properly fits the backing plate. This will prevent pad digging essentially allowing the pad to not deteriorate from the outside and no heat buildup from the inside. From this, we have noticed a major increase in pad durability.

Now that we see some advantages to the exact fit compression pads and disadvantages to older pads on the market. Let’s put this all into perspective. The reason the pads are a success is because of a few simple ideas that will change the way you polish. An exact fitting pad will allow for more compression and faster rotations due to the simple fact that there is no wasted material lagging behind on the outer edge. The holes will disperse heat and help with residue control. While we have no scientific data, many end users have noticed what they say " the pad feels more aerodynamic allowing the rotation of the orbit to feel faster." "gaining faster results." What you'll now be able to achieve is faster results, cooler polishing temperatures, faster rotations and most importantly a pad that will hold up longer in dual action polishing. To give you an idea, the pad below was used for over thirty-five cars all completed with a large throw dual action polisher while our other used examples lasted less than 2 cars. Take notice the pads integrity on all things discussed previously. It’s an obvious winner.

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